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  • Family Income Inquiry Form

    All families are required to fill out the form whether the are receiving free or reduced price lunch. Our school code is 10x024

    We must have a completed form. Our school budget depends on it.

    Thank you 


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Family Income Inquiry Form

All families are required to fill out the form whether the are receiving free or reduced price lunch.  Our school code is 10X024.  

We must have a completed form. Our school budget depends on it. 

Thank you!!


School Updates 11/8


Veterans Day

As we approach Veterans Day, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the significance of this important day and how it impacts our school community.

Veterans Day, observed annually on November 11th, provides us with an invaluable opportunity to honor and express our gratitude to the men and women who have courageously served in the armed forces. It is a day dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the sacrifices made by our veterans, both past and present.

Our school community prides itself on fostering an environment that values patriotism and instills a sense of national pride among our students. We believe it is crucial for them to understand the importance of honoring those who have served our country and defended the principles we hold dear. Through acknowledging Veterans Day, we aim to inspire respect, appreciation, and admiration for our courageous veterans. Because of our heroes, both past and present, we are afforded many freedoms that we often take for granted.

In celebration of Veterans Day, our school has ensured that there will be several lessons tied to the importance of this day and the people that have served our fine country.

These activities are designed to engage our students in a hands-on learning experience that instills empathy, respect, and appreciation for our veterans. I encourage parents to engage in conversations with their children about the significance of Veterans Day and to actively participate in these events.

Let us come together, as a united school community, to honor the selfless sacrifice exhibited by our veterans. As we express our gratitude, let us remember that it is by sincerely acknowledging their service, sacrifices, and contributions that we can truly honor their valor.

Thank you for your ongoing support in making this Veterans Day meaningful and memorable. Together, we can cultivate a compassionate and informed generation.

Bronx Green Machine

I am happy to announce that P.S. 24 has applied and received a grant to become partners with the Green Bronx Machine Institute. This program is similar to the program led by Ms. Nystrom and will be conducted out of Ms. Walker-David's classroom and ensure that our entire school receives a highly engaging Science curriculum where they will learn about sustainability through a hydroponic lab.

Sponsored by Affinity, our school will receive (free of charge) the signature Green Bronx Machine in a Box Program including: one Tower Garden, a lifetime site license, the Green Bronx Machine Classroom Curriculum, unlimited professional development, data management, AND all classroom teaching and serving supplies including a blender, salad spinners, measuring cups and spoons, safety knives, cutting boards, serving utensils - fully reusable plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, aprons, even dish soap and towels for 30 children - everything one could need to go from tower to table to tummy in a classroom in one, self-contained kit.

This program will allow us to grow healthy fruits and vegetables indoors all year long in a STEAM / PBL environment - with minimal space, utilizing state of the art technology and NYC DOE approved curriculum - ELA, Math, Science - aligned to Common Core, Next Gen Science Standards, P21, and IB designed for grades 2-5. This showcase program was recently designated a Top 10 Health and Wellness Program in the nation by the Harkin Institute and the curriculum is presently being used by the State University of New York to train teachers in all subject / content areas.

This award-winning program has been featured in Time for Kids Magazine, Scholastic, PBS, Disney, and in media across the country and serving over 700 schools with 100% teacher satisfaction and I am honored to bring this program to the P.S. 24 community.

Parents and students can expect this program to begin within the next month after Ms. Walker-David completes the required training of the program.

Other Friendly Reminders

Future Events Include:)

November 15th- School Leadership Team Meeting

- 3rd Grade Trip to Green Meadows Farm

November 20th- 1st Grade Cultural Celebration

- Kindergarten Cultural Celebration (Ms. Roth and Ms. Sullivan)

November 21st- Kindergarten Cultural Celebration (rest of grade)

November 22nd- Balloons Over Broadway celebration (5th Grade)

November 23rd - November 26th - Thanksgiving Break (Schools are closed)

Retrieving NYS ELA / Math Scores

Dear PS 24 Families and Friends:

The results of the New York State English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics tests for students in grades 3-5 administered this past spring are now available. Given the impact of Covid-19 resulted in the 2020 tests being cancelled and optional participation in spring 2021, this may be the first time for many of you to receive state test results for your child(ren). These tests are designed to provide a snapshot of how your child is performing against NYS learning standards and expectations for their grade level.  It is important to remember that these tests are just one of several measures we use to assess student progress: grades, report cards, writing samples, projects, assignments, and other performance-based student work are equally important.  

You can access the results through the NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) portal. You can view the results in the “My Student” page. Your account must be linked to your child in order to view this information. If you need support accessing the portal or would like to create an account, you can check out the resources here or contact Ms. Byrne (fbyrne@schools.nyc.gov). We will be glad to help you.  

For now, the school-wide data is embargoed and cannot be shared with the community at this time. However, when it is available for public view, we will have lots to celebrate, including a historic growth made by our students. We will also celebrate the hard work from our teachers and the devotion and partnership from our families. We will share more details on what this means in the fall and what our next steps will be. For now, please review your child's results and look forward to celebrating together in the near future.

If you need any support accessing the scores, please let us know.  


Steven Schwartz (your very proud Principal)

Parent Handbook Reminders (Feb. 7th, 2022)

Dear P.S. 24 Families & Friends,

Please note the following reminders that come right from the Parent Handbook:

Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

Per The Chancellor’s regulations A-413 each school must create their own school based policy regarding cell phones and all other electronic devices.

Schools should use the Chancellor’s guidelines and the NYC Doe resource guide to develop their schools policy.

The policy at P.S. 24 regarding the above is as follows:

  • If a student brings a cell phone or any other electronic device to school (including but not limited to laptops, tablets, ipads, portable music players, Nintendo DS, PSP , camera etc. ) upon entering the school building it must be turned off and remain in the student’s backpack. All electronic equipment must remain turned off and in the student’s backpack until the student exits the school building at the end of the school day.
  • Students who use their cell phones or any other electronic equipment during the school day for any reason will have the item collected by a staff member. The staff will then hand over the device to the administration. The parent or guardian will be contacted by the administration or a designee and an appointment will be set up to meet with the administration to retrieve the item.
  • If a student violates the school policy regarding electronics more than once, the incident must be entered into the OORS (NYC DOE Online Occurrence Reporting System), investigated and appropriate guidance interventions and disciplinary actions will be taken according to the NYC DOE Discipline Code.


Conflicts often occur resulting from students bringing assorted toys into the school. Please keep in mind that toys, electronic games, stuffed animals and Pokemon cards are not permitted in the school building. This has been a long standing rule at the school. School is a learning environment and toys are a distraction. During lunch and recess these toys and cards become a source of unnecessary conflict. The school cannot be responsible for toys, electronic games, stuffed animals and Pokemon cards that are lost, taken, or broken. Valuable instructional time is being spent looking for missing items and resolving conflicts that result from having these items at school. There have also been some instances where children have put themselves in an unsafe situation because their focus was on these items .We are asking for your cooperation in ensuring that children do not bring any toys, electronic games, or Pokemon cards to school. If your child needs to bring in a non-school related item into the school (ex. sporting equipment for an after school program) please have your child keep the item(s) in their book bag.

Birthday Celebrations -   N/A for 2021-22 due to COVID concerns

Thank you ahead of time for respecting these important school policies. 

Thank you

Steven Schwartz

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