Potential Covid-19 Case 5-12-21.docx 

Family Letter From Chancellor May 12 2021.pdf 


 10x024 APP Push notification instructions 1.docx 


 Chancellor Announcement CEC Elections.docx 


 Schedule for In School Learning.docx 

 Letter to families about Lunch.docx  

Coffee with the Principal 4-21-21.docx 

 NYS Testing Dates Protocols for Famillies.pdf 

Health Screening Form

 4-14-21 Latest Update In Person Learning.docx 

 Important Updates From Principal 4-9-21.docx 

 Important Testing Letter Grades 3-5.doc 

Learning Preference/Testing Consent Form

 4-5-21 Potential Covid-19 Case P S 24 Community.docx 

Learning Preference/Testing Consent Form

Important Town Hall Principal Meeting 3-24-21.pdf

When & How to Opt In To Blended Learning From Chancellor.pdf  

Potential Covid-19 Case 3-21-2021.docx  

Confirmed Case of COVID-19 3-21-2021.docx 

 Confirmed With Potential Exposures 3-19-21.docx 

 Potential Covid-19 Case 3-18-21.docx 

 Principal Update 3-11-21.docx 

 Potential Covid-19 Case 3-9-21.docx 

Chancellor Update for Families March 2 2021

 Principal Update Regarding G & T Criteria 2021.docx 

 Confirmed Case of COVID-19 2-28-2021.docx 

Update for Families From Chancellor February 26 2021.pdf 

 Clarification School Building Closure Through 2-10-21.pdf 

 School Building Closed Through 2-10-21.pdf 

 School Building Closed Through 2-4-21.docx 

P S 24-24-Hour Building Closure January 29th.pdf 

 Confirmed Case of COVID-19 1-27-21.docx 

 Potential Covid-19 Case 1-27-21.docx 

 Update Message from Chancellor 1-25-21.pdf 

1-25-21 Potential Covid -19 Case.docx

 Principal Letter-2020 School Experience Survey.docx 

 P S 24 Building Reopening 1-19-21.docx 

 1-10-21 P S 24 School Building Closoure.pdf 

 24 Hour Building Closure P S 24.docx 1-7-2021  7:35 pm

 Potential Covid-19 Case 1-7-21.docx 5:49 pm

 Confirmed Case of COVID-19 close contacts quarantined.pdf 1/5/2021

 POTENTIAL COVID-19 CASE.pdf 1/5/2021

 Principal Letter 2021 New Year.docx 

 PS 24 Families and Friends From Principal 12-22-20.docx 

 Update Middle School Process from Chancellor 12-18-20.pdf 

 Urgent Message from Principal School Building Closure Until January 4th 2021.docx 

School Building Closure Due To Inclement Weather 12-17-20.docx

 Update 12-16-20 School Closing Due to Covid-19.docx 

 URGENT Principal Update 12-14-20- 24 HOUR SCHOOL CLOSURE.docx 

 Family Letter Inclement Weather December 15 2020.pdf  

Principal Update 12-14-20 School Member Tests Positive For Covid-19.docx 

 Principal Update 12-14-20.docx 

 Principal Update 12-11-20 Member of our school community claimed to test positive for COVID-19.docx 

Principal Update 12-03-20.docx

 Principal Update School Reopening 12-2-20.docx 

Chancellor Update for Families 11-29-20.pdf 

 Update from Chancelor to FamiliesNovember 24 2020.pdf 

Latest Update on Picking Up Materials Resources.pdf 

 Important Updates From Principal 11-28-20.pdf 

Update Schedule for 11-19 11-20 Picking up Resources.pdf 

IMPORTANT Update from Principal NYC Schools Go All Remote.pdf  

Update From Chancellor November 18 2020.pdf  

Principal Schwartz Town Hall Invitation 11-13-20.pdf 

 COVID letter to families.doc 11-12-20

 Principal Letter To Families 11-09-20.pdf 

 DOE - Potential Family Case of Covid-19 11-06-20.docx 

 Update Regarding Returning To School November 5th.docx 

 Principal Update 11-02-20.pdf 

Back To School Pledge.docx 

 Free Apple IPad Learning Sessions for Parents 

Getting Restarted with Your IPad 2020-2021  

Videos for Parents on How to Support your Childs Remote Learning

Ensure Your Childs Internet Safety on DOE Issued iPads  

 Interim Guidance for Department of Health for In Person Instruction in Schools  

Food Benefits All NYC STUDENTS Spanish

Information on Remote Learning




New Contact Information

Donna Wilborne - Secretary (Pupil Accounting) 

914-721-0982     Hours:  7:30 am - 1:50 pm

Florence Byrne- Parent Coordinator

914-713-5659    Hours:  7:00 am - 3:00 pm

Rosena Rivkin - Secretary (Procurement & Payroll) 

929-399-6799     Hours:  8:00 am - 2:20 pm


The Office of Pupil Transportation has informed us that they will be changing the pickup and drop off times for busing. They have not provided a timeline for when they will do so, but from what we have been told, pickups will at some point switch to 30 minutes later and drop off will be 20 minutes earlier. When this change occurs, we will send another e-blast and post the revised times on the website.

It is important that any family who uses the bus has a NYC Schools Account. All Students busing information is posted on their account including these important changes and updates. If you need assistance creating a NYC Schools Account, please contact Florence Byrne, Parent Coordinator at



  • Eid Al-Fitr

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
  • School Closed

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
  • Parent Lead & Be Well Symposium

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
  • Language Access For Parents English

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
  • Language Access For Parents Spanish

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
  • Language Access for Parents Arabic

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
  • School Leadership Meeting

    3:15 pm

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
  • Parents Association Meeting 7:00 pm

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
  • Coffee with the Principal 6:30 pm

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
  • Memorial Day, schools closed

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School

    7:00 PM

    Log on Information to follow!

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
  • Anniversary Day

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
  • No School Students Only

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
  • Clerical Day

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
  • No School Students Only

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
  • School Leadership Meeting

    3:15 pm

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
  • Coffee with the Principal 6:30 pm

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
  • Parents Association Meeting 7:00 pm

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
  • Last day of school

    PS24 (10X024) -Spuyten Duyvil School
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