Don't see the answer to your question? Check the Parent Handbook 2021-2022.pdf. There you can find lots more details about our school's policies.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Parent Teacher Association

1) What is the Parent Teacher Association?

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an organization comprised of the parents, teachers and staff within the school. The purpose of the PTA is to advocate for students and families and help keep families aware of things going on within the school. The PTA supports the school and the parents in a number of ways including fundraising, volunteering, holding monthly meetings, and planning events and/or workshops.

2) Who can join the PTA?

Great news - if you are a parent or guardian of a child at P.S. 24, then you are already a member of our PTA. BUT, the PTA is only effective if it has active members so come to one of our general meetings to learn how you can play a part, big or small. While you're there, introduce yourself to anyone on the board! 

3) What has the PTA accomplished?

The PTA has funded a number of enrichment programs at PS 24. The PTA also supports the volunteering program. Volunteers have provided extra supervision during the recess hours, helped maintain the garden, and assisted with scanning materials for the new media center. Additionally, the PTA hosts informative workshops for parents on topics such as  curriculum, advice regarding screen time, etc. 

 4) How can I get involved?

There are many ways that you can get involved with the PTA:


 5) How do I subscribe to the PTA calendar?

Subscribe to the PA calendar so that you never miss a school event. We also list school closings and holidays on our calendar. Here are instructions on how to subscribe.

Frequently Asked Questions about P.S. 24

6) Where are the building's exits?

 map of ps 24 building 


Frequently Asked Questions about adapting to remote/hybrid learning

7) How do I login to DOE Zoom? How do I join the Principal's Town Hall meetings?

To join any of the school's Town Hall meetings, you will need to use a DOE Zoom account. 

1. Log into with your child's DOE student account email address (it ends in

2. If you have no idea what this account is (and have never seen an address before) or you don't have access to your child's credentials, then keep reading (otherwise, skip to step 4)
You can find your child's username and set a password via the below link. Go to the below link and enter your child's 9-digit OSIS Number (you can find this on the report card) and birthday. 
The system will then tell you your child's username and allow you to set a password.
3. Now you can log into the first link ( with the username and password you just retrieved.
4. To join the Town Hall, click the link you received in the eBlast or from the principal.
OR (if you are unable to join by clicking the link directly)
From within the idpcloud portal (step 1 or step 3), 
  • click Zoom
  • click "Join a Meeting" (usually in the top right corner)
  • Enter the meeting id: 
  • Enter the password: