Kindergarten is finishing their unit on ANIMALS and will be starting their unit on 'OUR WEATHER'

The 'Our Weather' Unit will address the following major understandings:

Unit 4 is a culmination of the year’s work in gathering weather data and discovering patterns. Simple qualitative
observation terms are expected when describing weather (e.g., sunny, cloudy, snowy, and cool), accompanied by
quantitative observation data (e.g., the number of sunny, windy, cloudy, and snowy days in a month and/or the school
year), as well as the patterns observed on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The purpose of weather forecasting is
introduced as a necessity for preparing for both common and severe weather conditions. Students revisit temperature as
they study the effect of sunlight on Earth’s surface, and design structures to protect against the heat and light from the
Sun. Students practice asking questions and defining problems, in addition to planning and carrying out investigations
when looking at ways to lessen the impact of the weather on one’s community. This unit stresses the many ways that
humans depend on technologies in their daily lives.

 Essential Question:

  • How can we analyze and interpret weather data to best protect ourselves from extreme weather?

The 'Our Weather' Unit will teach the following Key Ideas:

  • Make observations to determine the effect of sunlight on earth.
  • Use tools and materials to design and build a structure that will reduce the warming of the sun.
  • Use and share observations of local weather conditions to describe patterns and make predictions.

Assessment on The 'OUR WEATHER' Unit

  • The 'Our Weather' Unit will begin in May 2018 and go through the middle of June 2018
  • Students will be given a review and parents will be given notice a week ahead of the final assessment in JUNE.


Please click the following for the Kindergarten Curriculum NYC Science Scope and Sequence   (it begins on page 44 of the document)