2019-2020 School Year

2019 - 2020 SCHOOL YEAR

Here are some of the things we accomplished in the 2019 - 2020 school year.

We would love to hear your feedback on any of the below events or activities. Email us at ps24diversity@gmail.com



This December, Ms. Maldonado was kind enough to invite parents to her class to share our holiday/winter traditions with the students. Each grade has Ms. Maldonado's conflict resolution class on a different day of the week and during the week of Dec 9, parents were invited to speak to each grade. Sincerest thanks to Ms. Maldonado for suggesting this and Leeza Qadri, Kishiko Hasegawa, Maya Resnikoff, and Priscilla Bracero for taking time to come and share their experiences with our kids. 


Monday 12-9-2019 - Third Grade Assembly

Leeza Qadri spoke about Eid.

Aiyana Brooks spoke about Christmas and New Year's. 


Tuesday 12-10-2019 - Second Grade Assembly

Aiyana Brooks spoke about Christmas and New Year's. 

Kishiko Hasegawa spoke about Japanese New Year.


Wednesday 12-11-2019 - First Grade Assembly

Maya Resnikoff spoke about Hanukkah.

Aiyana Brooks spoke about Christmas and New Year's. 

Leeza Qadri spoke about Eid.

Priscilla Bracero spoke about Three King's Day.


Thursday 12-12-2019 - Fourth Grade Assembly

Leeza Qadri spoke about Eid.

Priscilla Bracero spoke about Three King's Day.


Friday 12-13-2019 - Fifth Grade Assembly

Leeza Qadri spoke about Eid.

Student council members spoke about their traditions.


The Diversity Committee had a story time room at the Winter Fair. This was a quiet area where children and families could drop by to hear a story about a holiday or winter tradition. Thank you to all the families who stopped by to hear a story, or just to say hello :-)

Special thank-you to Laura Ford, Pia Simpson, Sheree Ferguson, and Raquel Batista for reading a story to the kids!! 


Veterans Day Cards

This month, starting from Veterans Day and leading up to Thanksgiving, we collected cards to send to our veterans. Thank you to all of the teachers who devoted class time to allow students to participate in this activity. Thank you to all of the students for their kind words and beautiful images for the troops. We will be sending the cards to Operation Hope, an organization that creates care packages to send to veterans. 


Sounding Board in Spanish

This month we worked with the Publications Committee to produce an entire edition of the Sounding Board in Spanish. Each article written for the Sounding Board had to be manually translated into Spanish by a team of dedicated parents.

Special thanks to Lara Dua-Schwartz who put together the layout for both the English and Spanish editions (thus doubling her work this year).

Also, special thank-yous to our translation team - Mercedes Cruz-Nadal, Luisa Gomez-Chan, and Raquel Batista - without them the Spanish edition would not have been possible. 


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to a brand new school year. The Diversity Committee is excited to announce the launch of our newsletter, an effort coordinated with Jenny Weber and Ellie McGlinchey from The Wellness Committee. Our goal is to highlight various topics related to either wellness or diversity. All content is submitted and reviewed by parents in our community. 

You can read all of our issues here. 

If you would like to be a part of this effort (as a contributor, editor/proofreader, ideas person), send an email to ps24diversity@gmail.com OR ps24wellness@gmail.com



Book recommendations for Ally Week

Thanks Sophie Dwyer for this book list. Recommended grade levels (K-3). The author is in parenthesis.

Family Structure
And Tango Makes Three (Richardson)
All Kinds of Families (Hoberman)
The Family Book (Parr)
Stella Brings the Family (Schiffer)
A Tale of Two Daddies (Oeschlager)
Prince and Knight (Haack)
A Family is a Family is a Family (O'Leary)
Families (Kuklin)
Home at Last (Williams)
In Our Mother's House (Polacco)Gender Non-conforming/breaking stereotypes
Paper Bag Princess (Munsch)
Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress (Baldachinno)
The Story of Ferdinand (Leaf)
Red (Hall)
Worm Loves Worm (Austrian)
Henry Holton Takes the Ice (Bradley)
Ballerino Nate (Bradley)
I am Jazz (Jennings)
When Aidan Became a Brother (Lukoff)