5th Grade Science students will begin their final unit STARS AND THE SOLAR SYSTEM Unit.

In the final unit, students analyze and interpret data to represent how the Earth’s position in the universe, relative to other
celestial objects, affects observable phenomena. They identify patterns of phenomena including daily changes in length
and direction of shadows, the day-night cycle, and the seasonal appearance of some stars in the night sky. Students also
investigate and use evidence to support arguments that the apparent brightness of the Sun compared to other stars is due
to their relative distances from Earth.

The STARS AND THE SOLAR SYSTEM Unit will address the following Essential Questions:

How far away are the stars?

What is a galaxy and what is it comprised or?


Assessment on The SOLAR SYSTEM Unit

  • The Solar System Unit will begin in May 2018 and go through the middle of June 2018
  • Students will be given a review and parents will be given notice a week ahead of the final assessment in Jun.

5th GRADE Scope and Sequence

Please click the following for the 5th Grade Curriculum NYC Science Scope and Sequence  (it begins on page 98 of the document)