3rd Grade Science students are working on their Change Over Time Unit

The Change Over Time Unit will address the following major understandings:

In this unit, students explore how environments change over time. They analyze and interpret data from fossil records
to understand how weather and climate determine the particular characteristics of an area and the variety and diversity
of organisms that live there. Students gather evidence to support an argument that there may be a correlation between
plants and animals that no longer exist and environmental changes that affect a location’s physical characteristics,
temperature, and availability of resources. They make evidence based claims that some organisms survive and reproduce
while others move to new locations, adapt to the environment, or die. Students ask questions and define solutions to
problems that are caused when the environment changes. Using data, students analyze and interpret weather and climate
conditions to discover patterns of weather and make predictions about how it affects the environment.

 The Change Over Time Unit will teach the following Essential Question:

How do environments change over time?

Assessment on TheChange Over Time Unit

  • The Change Over Time Unit will continue through the middle of May 2018
  • Students will be given a review and parents will be given notice a week ahead of the final assessment in June.


Please click the following for the 3rd Grade Curriculum NYC Science Scope and Sequence (it begins on page 69 of the document)