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P.S. 24 Fifth Grade Band Concert
Wednesday May 27
9am & 10am
Parents Welcome!

*There will be a special Pizza Party Celebration for the Concert Band on Wednesday June 3, 6th period in the Cold Lunchroom cafeteria funded by the parent's association. Don't be absent!***

**special note:
All borrowed school instruments are due back to Ms. Shepley by May 27 please (4th and 5th grade)

Bach, Brahms, Schumann, Chopin
Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage
at Carnegie Hall
4:oo pm
Pianist Tian Jiang
Cellist Borislav Strulev
Special Guest Violinist Yaegy Park
If you are interested in tickets please call Parent Coordinator Florence Byrne so I can give your name to the box office.


5th Grade Parents Do Not Forget To Check The 5th Grade News
Menu Tab for Information About All The Exciting Up Coming Events For our Graduating Class!

Dear Parents,

As of March 2nd the NYC Department of Education has a new Cell Phone Policy for Students, it is as follows:  before entering the school building all students must turn off their cell phones and place them securely in their pack backs.  They must stay this way until the students are released from the school building and leave the premises. During all statewide testing all cell phones and electronic devices will be collected. We understand it is important for parents and students to communicate while coming to and from school. If a student or a parent needs to contact one another, it should be done through the school’s main office and supervised by an adult. 

Dr. Connelly



All visitors must enter and exit through our main entrance.

We would like to remind all Parents that everyone entering the building must present I.D. and sign in with our safety agent.

These are Department of Education rules and are meant to assure the safety of our students and staff members. 

We know that our safety agent knows many of you, but we need a record of all visitors in the building. 

Thank you for your cooperation concerning the well being of the students of  P.S. 24.


Parents Please click on Link Below to access 2014/2015 Parent Handbook
ParentHandbook2014-2015 II.doc
Click on the link below for fantastic and fun things to do with your family...

Another great resource for parents!! This site is filled with fabulous information about events at Museums, Zoos, The Botanical Gardens, The Theater, NYC Parks, Festivals and Holiday Events. (This guide includes the Westchester Area)


This is a fantastic tool for parents!! This site was created to help parents bring the arts into the lives of young people. It is one of the most complete sources of information regarding programs, events, and activities regarding New York's cultural institutions for parents and families. 

Click on link below...


Local Businesses Donate* to Kindergarten Teaching Assistant (TA) Program 

Click on Link below for more information on How You Can Help!


Local Businesses Donate.pdf
Ongoing School Fundraisers....

Please click on attachment to Learn how to Support your child's school...

Just a reminder that
 Robin Blair is our official Parent Member of P.S. 24's School Based Support Team.
She is available to families with children with an Individual Education Plan (IEP).
Her role is to assist families through the evaluation and placement process. She is available to attend all IEP meetings with you as an advocate.

For further information about how Ms. Blair can help parents and for her contact information please click on attachment below.

Parent Member SBST.doc



January 27, 2014

Dear Parent and/or Guardian:

We are writing to you about an extremely urgent matter – the safety of our children.

 While many children walk to school, many others are driven.  We understand that you may be pressed for time.  A traffic jam at 8:00 a.m. can test anyone’s patience.  So, we are appealing to your sense of responsibility as a parent and member of our school community to follow some simple rules, which are meant to save time, but more importantly, to create an environment of safety and respect:

 1)      Stay to the right!  The traffic cones placed in front of the school are there to create a single lane to the right.  Please drop off your children directly onto the sidewalk, rather than in the middle of a busy street.

2)      Move forward!  If there is space in front of you, move as far forward as you can toward Independence Ave.  While this may require your children to walk a few more feet, it will keep the line moving.

3)      Drop and go!  Please start saying goodbye to your child(ren) before you reach the school entrance.  When you arrive, if possible, have your kids let themselves out on the passenger side.  This applies to 5th graders* at the Annex as well.  PLEASE, DO NOT DOUBLE-PARK AND LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE.  The uniformed school aide is there to keep the line of vehicles moving.  Please, follow his/her direction.

4)      Use good judgment!  If you need time to remove your child from a booster or car seat, or if he/she needs to be escorted to the entrance, please park your car away from the main school entrance and walk.

* 5th grade parents, PLEASE drop your kids off on the Whitehall side of Independence Ave., NOT on the park side.  This will spare your child from having to walk unattended across a very busy two-way street, without the benefit of a traffic light.


NYC Department of Education General Response Protocol Powerpoint. Click on Attachment.

General Response Protocol Powerpoint Revised.ppt
Interpreting 3-8ELA & Mathematics Tests, Results, & Score Reports


Please click on the link below for important information regarding test results and Common Core Curriculum

The New Special Education Guide For Parents....English
New Special Education Parent Guide....Spanish
New_Special ed Parent_Guide_Spanish.pdf
Frequently Asked Questions about Common Core State Standards...

click on attachment...
Core Curriculum Facts.pdf
For the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts please click on attachment below.
Common Core ELA.htm
For The Common Core Standards for Math Please click on attachment below...
Common Core Math Standards.pdf
5th Grade Parents,

Please click on the menu item "5th Grade News". There is helpful information about 5th grade activities and the middle school process.

2013/2014 Parent Handbook
Click below for map of all entrances and exits.
Parents Sign Up For Notify New York City!

Notify NYC is a notification emergency system. To register is free just go to

You may choose all of the alerts listed below or choose those notifications that fit your lifestyle. There are five notification types:

  • Emergency Alerts – messages about life-threatening events that may require immediate action. All registrants are automatically added to this list.
  • Significant Event Notifications – important information about emergency events, utility outages and other types of high-impact events in your ZIP code.
  • Public Health Notifications – information about important public health issues in your community.
  • Public School Closing/Delay Advisories – updates about unscheduled public school closings, delays, and early dismissals.
  • Unscheduled Parking Rules Suspensions – updates about unscheduled suspensions of citywide parking rules.

Make a Difference. Become a Parent IEP Team Member!

You can be a parent member if you have a child who is classified as having a disability and you are not an employee of the New York City Department of Education. You are also eligible if your child has been declassified within the past five years, or has graduated within the past five years.

Click on link below for all the details and training sites available.

IEP parent member.docx
The Parents Association is proud to announce fundraising partnerships with Target and Stop & Shop, click below for more information:

Friday, May 22
Mr. Dembowski 4-212
Kingsbridge Walk
Ms. Rossi, Ms. Porter 3-236 & Ms. Moore 3-201
Trip to Botanical Gardens
Ms. Rossi/Ms. Porter
Family Friday!
8:05 am
Tuesday, May 26
Wednesday, May 27
Ms. Wallace 3-233 & Ms. Vedovino, Ms. Halata 3-235
Trip to Wave Hill
Thursday, May 28
Ms. Moore 3-201
Trip to Wave Hill
Friday, May 29
5th Grade Field Day
Mr. Tebrake 3-238 & Ms. Walmsley 3-231
Trip to Botanical Gardens
Monday, June 1
NYS 4th Grade Science Test
Tuesday, June 2
Wednesday, June 3
Ms. Golkowski K-116
Trip to Wave Hill
Thursday, June 4
Chancellars Conference Day
Friday, June 5
Ms. Gibbons/Ms.Ulrich
Brooklyn Bridge
Ms. Rossi, Ms. Porter 3-236 & Ms. Moore 3-201
Wave Hill
Ms. Zauberman 4-240 & Ms. Young 4-239
South Street Seaport Museum & Walking Tour
Monday, June 8
5th Grade Cruise
Tuesday, June 9
Dance Festival
Clerical Day
1/2 Day for All students
Dismissal at 11:20
Wednesday, June 10
Thursday, June 11
Ms. Wallace 3-233 & Ms. Marley 4-242
Trip to Wave Hill
Friday, June 12
Ms. Walmsley 3-231 & Mr. Tebrake 3-238
Trip to Wave Hill
Monday, June 15
Tuesday, June 16
Wednesday, June 17
School Tour
9:00 a.m.
Thursday, June 18
Kindergarten Celebration
8:45 am
K-102 Ms. Sinistovic
K-114 Ms. Mokris/Ms. Sanzari
K-116 Ms. Golgowski
K-117 Ms. Poulos/Ms. Lee
School Leadership Meeting
2:30 pm

Friday, June 19
Kindergarten Celebration
8:45 am
K-101 Ms. Berle
K-103 Ms. Lunney
K-135 Ms. Borak
K-203 Ms. Salmeri
Ms. Rossi/Ms. Porter
Family Friday!
8:05 am
Monday, June 22
Tuesday, June 23
Wednesday, June 24
5th Grade Graduation!

9:00 am
Riverdale Kingsbridge Academy
Thursday, June 25

Today, 5/22/2015
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20% chance of precipitation.
Tomorrow, 5/23/2015
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